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Student-athletes bring their athleticism, academics, passion, and teamwork to create an environment of encouragement and belonging. From state champions to beginners, the team has opportunities for a spectrum of abilities blended by the sense of making each individual the best they can be by working together as a group. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with the goal of nurturing a love for the sport that lasts forever, along with relationships that last just as long. We want athletes to maximize their potential in and out of the water.

High school swimming and diving can feel very different for those of you who have grown up with city or country club teams. We are a competitive sport with teams of athletes competing individually and in groups against other teams.

At swim meets, points are awarded based on the individual's finishing place and added to the team score. This, combined with relay events, contributes to a strong team feel.

Athletes train daily during swim season with periodic meets throughout the season.