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Beginning in the fall of 2020, Pine Creek moved to the newly formed, Pikes Peak Athletic Conference which is a league comprised of the 5A schools as well as some of the top 4A schools in the El Paso County area: Pine Creek (5A), Rampart (5A), Doherty (5A), Liberty (5A), Fountain Fort Carson (5A), Cheyenne Mountain (4A), Air Academy (4A), Lewis Palmer (4A), Palmer Ridge (4A).

The top 5A school and the top 4A school from this new conference automatically advances to the 32 team playoff bracket for each division, and all other teams may qualify based on the CHSAA RPI points system. The overall seeding of the 32 playoff teams (one bracket for 5A and one for 4A) is also based on the RPI system. Once in the 32 team bracket, it is single elimination, so the State Champion has to win 5 consecutive games.

NOTE: to adhere to CHSAA recruiting regulations, it is important for us to know that you are already registered as a student at Pine Creek or that you are in one of the feeder schools to Pine Creek for us to add you to future communication. If your status is different than this, please contact the PCHS Athletic Director, Brendan Netherton.