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When is Late Work Accepted?

  • Students may turn in late homework assignments one class period after the original due date for 70% of the credit earned.

  • No late assignments will be accepted for CLASSWORK that was assigned when a student was present during that class.

What Supports Are Available to Help Students Complete Work?

  • Afternoon Access is open Monday through Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. Students have the opportunity to attend Afternoon Access to get support to complete any assignment. Afternoon Writing Lab is now a part of Afternoon Access. An English teacher will be available during Afternoon Access to assist students with any writing assignment in any subject area. Additional faculty will be available to assist with other subject areas as well.

  • Morning Writing Lab – Monday through Friday, 7:00 – 7:45 am, students have the opportunity to go to the Writing Lab (located in the 300’s POD) to get help for any writing assignment in any subject area.

How Do I Know When Work is Missing or Late?

  • Missing homework assignments will be marked as “M” in Infinite Campus no later than 3:00 pm the following day.

  • Late homework assignments will be marked as “late” in Infinite Campus.

Additional Information About IC Gradebook Markings

Late = Denotes assignments that were turned in late and earned 70% of what the student scored on the assignment. “Late” will appear in the comments section next to the score for an assignment.

M = Ability to submit work under the late policy.

0 = (Zero) Not able to submit work under the late policy.

Excused Absences

Parents must call the Attendance Office to excuse their student within 24 hours of the student’s absence.

PCHS Schoolwide Absent (Late) Work Policy

  • Students with an excused absence will receive ONE additional day (class period) for every excused absence day to complete assignments that were assigned on the day of that absence.

    • An assignment that is due on the day that a student has an excused absence must be turned in on the day that the student returns to class.

  • Students with an unexcused absence will receive a zero for anything assigned that day, completed in class that day, or due that day.