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Advanced Academics 

Students seeking a greater challenge may enroll in more rigorous and accelerated courses including Advanced Placement, Honors, and/or participate in talented & gifted (TAG) enrichment. Elective and extracurricular activities provide additional avenues for students with special abilities and talents. 

Tech High 

Technology is fundamental to learning in every class. Students use technology daily to engage in authentic learning. All students take Technology for Education in their freshman year, but every student can expect to use digital tools in every class. Whether it is creating their own art, composing their own music, writing and recording a podcast, or crafting digital stories, learning at Pine Creek is relevant and applicable to life after high school. Students can also specialize by taking a variety of computer science courses in Cybersecurity, web design, and programming (games, mobile apps and C++), and earn AP credit or industry certifications. 

College & Career 

Eligible students may earn college credit or begin a professional career pursuit at Pine Creek. The district provides tuition support for students concurrently enrolled at Pikes Peak Community College and UCCS. Studies include college-level math, drafting, health science, auto technology and others. 

Library Learning Commons 

On the campus known for tech and innovation, the Library Learning Commons is the heart of the network. The Pine Creek Library Learning Commons represents the latest evolution in what it means to be a learning community. It is not only a physical space where students and teachers come together to collaborate and learn, but it is also a place of resources. Whether providing learning strategies, extended opportunities of engagement, online materials, print materials, or tools to help students to explore and discover, our team is designed to help the community at present and will continue to evolve in order to meet the shifting needs of those it serves.