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Report an Absence

For students in 9th and 11th grades: Contact Sabra Winters (719) 234-2635 

For students in 10th and 12th grades: Contact Mikayla Frie (719) 234-2643 

Calling in an Unexpected Absence

Please call in absences as early in the day as possible.

If leaving a message, include: 

  • Your student's name and grade

  • Reason for absence

  • Your name and a contact number

Preparing for a Pre-Arranged Absence

If you know your student is going to be absent, please fill out a pre-arranged absence form.

Does your student need to be released for an appointment?

If your student needs to be released for an appointment, please notify the Attendance Office at least an hour prior to arriving on campus to pick them up. After you have notified the Attendance Office, an Attendance secretary will notify your student, and your student will meet you at your car at the requested time.

Additional Information

Refer to our Parent/Student Handbook for additional information on Attendance Policies.