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Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, Talented and Gifted (TAG)

Students seeking a greater challenge may enroll in more rigorous and accelerated courses including Advanced Placement, Honors, and/or participate in talented & gifted (TAG) enrichment. Elective and extracurricular activities provide additional avenues for students with special abilities and talents.

The Advanced Academics Coordinator, Heather Scott, oversees honors programming and gifted & talented offerings. Ms. Scott, often with the grade level counselor, may assist advanced students in determining course selection and programming that best meets their individual learning needs. Student self-advocacy is encouraged and becomes more and more important as goals for the future are decided.

A Unique Approach at Pine Creek

TAG programs can help prepare students for some of the most complex and competitive fields worldwide - technology, science, engineering - as well as in traditional liberal arts areas. In addition to providing for the academic needs of students, our program provides important services that may otherwise be unavailable or insufficient. For example, our Advanced Academics Coordinator offers programs that help students with social & emotional needs that are unique to advanced students like perfectionism & underachievement. Additionally, our program offers information about scholarships & contests, summer enrichment activities, and how to build the ideal schedule.

Pine Creek’s program is good for all advanced learners (not just TAG), as well as for teachers and the school. Modeling after traditional TAG programs at the elementary and middle levels, our program operates like an “a la carte” system. There are monthly enrichment opportunities for students to learn about predetermined topics or to hear from experts from the community. Sessions may focus on stress management, study skills, college planning, dealing with perfectionism, book studies, etc.

TAG activities, enrichment opportunities, & programming, are open to all TAG students—as well as any other advanced Pine Creek students. Many of the sessions utilize the knowledge of staff members, like our “speed reading session” presented by our AP Psychology teacher. Such offerings encourage educators to feel inspired and invigorated by working with students with whom they share similar interests. Our program helps support educational standards school wide.

Reinforcing Student Learning

TAG Specific Activities

Students work to develop specific goals & objectives (advanced learning plan) to provide challenging and creative opportunities for the school year. TAG students meet with the Advanced Academics Coordinator at various times throughout the year to update progress towards goals. TAG students are encouraged to self- advocate and schedule an appointment to talk about academic planning, activities, social & emotional issues, etc with the Advanced Academics Coordinator, Mrs. Scott.

Differentiated Curriculum

All teachers at PCHS have training in differentiated instruction and are encouraged to use the strategies in all classrooms. TAG students are encouraged to enroll in Honors and AP classes where they will experience academic challenge, high level analytical thinking, complex reading material, and open- ended, creative activities.

Enrichment Activities

Students are encouraged to join athletics, music, clubs and TAG/ Honors activities to explore new interests, develop talents and meet new people.

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