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What We Offer


For a list of courses and requirements, refer to the Pine Creek Course Guide. The guide includes a flow chart for each subject in alpha order by discipline, a description of each class, and course fees and prerequisites.

  • Discuss as a Family: Please discuss class choices as a family and make sure you and your student are in agreement with the courses selected for the next school year.  

  • Discuss with Teachers: We also encourage your student to discuss course selection with his/her current core class teacher if they have questions regarding placement.  

  • Select Carefully: Choose ALL classes with care, keeping in mind balance. 

    • Every class = 30 min/1 hour of homework

    • Every H/AP course = 1.5/2 hours of homework per night!

  • Schedule Changes: Keep in mind that schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons: academic misplacement; challenge by choice; add a course needed for graduation; drop a course when pre-reqs have not been met; add/change partial absences; empty blocks in schedules.

Scheduling Classes

Listen to Ms. Cornelio's College and Career Advice and Mr. Boyczuk's Scheduling Tutorial and follow the steps to plan your courses using the form and then get your course selections entered into Infinite Campus. If you are a choice student to Pine Creek, please follow the directions on the bottom of the form for sending your course selections to Pine Creek. 

Watch some of the elective course introductions:

Take note of at least four you are most interested in taking and two elective alternates.

Keep in mind that if a course is a year-long course, it takes up two slots instead of one. How will you know? Check the Pine Creek Course Guide, but if it's a band/orchestra class or a world language, it will be a year-long course.