2019 Marshmallow Peeps Diorama Contest Winners

2019 Marshmallow Peeps Diorama Contest Winners

Contest Description

The PCHS Library invited students and staff to make a diorama of a famous occurrence or scene. Modeled very closely after a similar contest run by The Washington Post, scenes could be of historic, literary, current or future events, or be a nod to pop culture. Scenes could also represent a club, team, or other activity at Pine Creek. The one rule was that all the characters in the diorama had to be played by Peeps.

1st Place Overall: "Outstanding Performance by a Peeptress in a Leading Role" created by Rebecca Minton 

"I created this peep diorama showing Marlee Matlin and when she accepted her Academy award for Best Actress in Children of a Lesser God., " Minton wrote. "Marlee is made out of two peeps molded together while the Academy Award is made out of many peeps molded a melted together and later painted gold. This event had a great impact on the exposure of the Deaf community as she was the first and only Deaf woman to win an Academy Award and it was very inspiring for deaf people to see someone conquer had never been done. This event also inspired me as a student of ASL to see someone embrace their differences and use them to their advantage." (Read more about Marlee Matin >>) 

Outstanding Performance by a Peeptress in a Leading Role.JPG

2nd Place Overall: "The First Deaf Starbucks" by Lucy Hart, Daniel Ervin, and Baker Schultz 

"This is the first Deaf Starbucks. It has deaf workers and is in Washington DC," Ervin said. The coffee cups in this diorama were fashioned from the holders of an individual paint set! (Read more about the first Deaf Starbucks...>>).

First Deaf Starbucks.JPG

First Place Literary: "Gone with the Peeps" by Tyler Klyn

Gone with the Peeps.JPG

First Place Pop Culture: "The Peepsons" by Halen McBride, Elyse Aldrich, Olivia Crook, Maddie Miller 

The Peepsons.jpg

Best Community Contribution: PCHS ASL Students, under the direction of ASL Teacher Linda Trumbauer,  for the education of the Pine Creek Community on Deaf Culture

1)      "The Huddle" created by Ciley Nguyen, William Kea, Tanner Klein, Kylee Wildasin-Cline, and Ashlyn 

Gallaudet University: In 1892, the Gallaudet football team was playing against another deaf team. Paul Hubbard, the quarterback didn't want to risk the other team seeing him using ASL to explain the play to his teammates, so he asked them to form a tight circle formation, now known as a huddle. Today, the huddle is used all over the world, in a wide variety of team sports, such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse and many others (Quoted from the Gallaudet University website).

The Huddle.jpg

2)      Abraham Lincoln Creates Gallaudet University by Jessica Crank and Syris Wagoner

Abraham Lincoln established the first liberal arts Deaf university in the world on April 8, 1864: Gallaudet University. (Read More ... >>)

Abraham Lincoln Creates Gallaudet University.JPG

3)      "Deaf Sculptor, Douglas Tilden, Creating Artwork" by Rachel Gardner, Sarah Gardner, and Bri [Abrianna] Bransky

Douglas Tilden created Mechanics Monument, dedicated in May 1901, and Native Son Monument, unveiled on September 5, 1897. Douglas became deaf at the age of four as a result of Scarlet Fever. (Read more about his life...>>) 

Douglas Tilden.jpg

4)      "First Deaf Starbucks" (see photos above)

5)      "Outstanding Performance by a Peeptress in a Leading Role": Marlee 

         Beth Matlin accepts Oscar (see photos above)

What's the difference between Deaf with a capital "D" and deaf with a lowecase "d"? 

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