Creating Citations in MLA8

Templates:  Click here for MLA 8 source-specific templates.

Basic guidelines: Put the different elements of your citation in the order below, being sure to include the punctuation modeled, and everything will be fine.

Punctuation: Notice that only 1, 2, and 9 have a period after them.

What is a container?: A container is "where you get the smaller thing." e.g. We watch TV shows where the episode itself has a title, but it's part of a larget show. The larger show is the container.


Click here to watch a video explaining MLA8.

Note: Examples showing how to handle it when a container is inside another container start at 5:10.

Citation Generators
Please be aware that due to their use of targeted advertising, the citation generators EasyBib and Citation Machine are not approved for use in D20.

If using a resource from one of our databases (accessibly through the PCHS Library Handbook; login with your MSA account), remember that the citation will either be available at the bottom of the article, or by finding the word CITE on the page, clicking on it, and copying the MLA8 citation.

Should you need to rely on a citation generator in order to cite a website in MLA8 format, ZoteroBib is approved for use in D20.

If you are use a citation generator, please remember to double-check the citation that gets generated to make sure it is formatted correctly. The use of a generator does not format citations correctly 100% of the time.