2017-2018 Orientation

​2017-2018 Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt​

Learning to navigate the physical and digital space of the Pine Creek High School Library Learning Commons​​​

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​​Introduction (Click below to view short video that shares general information about our Library)

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Question 1: Library Learning Commons

Start on the outside of the circulation desk.

Part A: Read & Explore

Place a checkmark in the blank once you've completed each step:

____ Stand next to the printer

____ Have all members of your group lay a hand on the Interior Book Drop.

____ In a complete sentence, describe where the exterior book drop is located:

____ Touch the Calculator return

____ Have all members of your group sign their name on the sign in sheet.

____ On the table from the sign in book is a box labeled with the question, "What is your favorite TV show to watch?" Answer the question on the slip of paper provided and then put it inside the box.

Part B: Watch

After you have found the five items listed above, click below to watch this video clip:

Screenshot 2016-08-23 00.01.38.png 


Part C: Respond

Name some things you can do at the PCHS Library Learning Commons that you might not have done in your school library before:​

Question 2: Biographies, Call Numbers, and Spine Labels

Start in the Biography Section.

Part A: Watch/Read

Click the image below to watch a brief video clip on biographies or read the article about biographies, 

call numbers, and spine labels that's posted in the biography section.


Part B: Create a spine label

If a biography were written about you, what would its spine label be? Write the spine label the biography

of each person in your group below.

Question 4: Databases

Start at in the 973s

Question 4, part 1.PNG

Question 4, part 2.PNG

Question 5: Gale eBooks

Question 5.PNG

Question 6: Community Involvement

Start at the blue chairs at the entrance to the Library.

1)    At the beginning of last school year, the Library had several chairs that were beyond repair due to damage from 19 years' worth of use that included food, drinks, sneezing, drooling, etc. Since we could not repair or repurpose them, they had to be thrown away. Unfortunately, we lacked the funds to replace them.

2)    Read this article to learn about how the graduating Class of 2017 decided to help.

3)    What are two things from the letter you learned about school libraries that you didn't know before?

4)    What would you like to see the Library add next (suggestions need not be limited to furniture)?



Question 7​: Narrative Non-Fiction​

Start at the Narrative Non-Fiction

Part A: Read

Read the backs of at least five narrative nonfiction books. 

Part B: Respond

How do works of narrative non-fiction seem different from biographies?

Part C: Make three recommendations

Out of those five, which three would you and/or your partner be most interested in reading?


Question 8​: OverDrive

Start at one of the Library's eight columns.

1)    What is the title and author of the book mentioned on the poster on the column you're standing in front of?

2)    If you have your phone or other tablet with you, click here for directions to set up OverDrive on your device.

3)  If you do not have a tablet or personal device with you, go to the Library's website --> Click OverDrive --> login using your student ID number as the username and your IC (Infinite Campus) password as the password. 

Question 9​: Dystopian Fiction

Start in the Dystopian fiction section

Part A: Watch

Click here and watch a minimum of two book trailers starting from the bottom of the list.

Part B: Respond 

Do dystopian novels appeal to you?  Why or why not? 

Question 10: Multicultural Fiction

Start in the Multicultural fiction section

Part A: Watch

Click here​ and watch a minimum of two book trailers starting from the middle of the list.

 Part B: Color in the countries that were mentioned in the book trailers you watched. 

​Note: If you do not know where a particular country is located on the outlined map below, please look 

up a political map of the world using a resource such as worldatlas.com or the map/atlas provided and proceed from there.


​​According to worldatlas.com, a political map shows governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties, the location of major cities, and they usually include significant bodies of water.

Question 11: Searching for Books in Print

Start at the tall tables facing the Cafeteria

1) Go to the Library's website 

2) Click PCHS Book Search

3) Assistant Principal Craft is looking for a book from the multicultural fiction genre OR from the non-fiction poetry genre to recommend to her daughter. At the top of the page search for either multicultural fiction or poetry.

4) Look under the heading SHELF LOCATION to determine:

a) Where you’d find the book in the Library
b) What genre that particular title belongs to

5) Click here and fill out the survey.

Question 12: Fantasy Fiction

Start in the Fantasy Fiction section

Part A: Click here and watch/listen/read what you find.


Part B: Respond

In at least one complete sentence, answer the following question: in what ways might fantasy fiction be considered compelling?


​Note: If you do not know what the word compelling means, look it up using one of our dictionaries or one online.​

Question 13: Using an Index

Start in the 500s section.

1) If you are standing in the 500s section, are you standing in the fiction section or the non-fiction section?  ___________________  How do you know?

2) To gain a general overview of the 500s, either scan the QR code to look at the digital version of the 500s Wordle, or look at the one on the shelf.

3) Select any book in the 500s. 
Title of the book: ______________________________________
Author(s) of the book: ____________________________________

4) Turn to the index of the book your chose. What is the second to last item listed in the index? _________________________

5) On what pages of the book would you be most likely to find information about that item (note: list the primary pages only, also known as the numbers in bold)?

6) When you are finished using the book, leave it on top of the shelf.

Question 14: Comic Books vs. Graphic Novels

Start in the Graphic Novel Section

Part A: Click here to learn about graphic novels vs. comics

Note: You only need to watch/listen from 0:19 seconds to 4:35.


ParB:Match the words in the column on the left with the correct definition in the column on the right.


​Single issue 

comic book        ​                    

​Five or six issues of a run of single issue comics all in one paperback. Sometimes 

found in the graphic novel section even though they're not technically graphic novels.

​Trade paperback 


​ A stand-alone book that did not originally come out in single issues and that is 


​Graphic novel ​

​A serialized book that's 30-40 pages long that you can buy monthly. 


Part C: Respond

1) What is one graphic novel that we already own that you would be interested in reading?

2) What is one graphic novel/comic book/manga that we DON'T own that you think is a MUST HAVE 

for our collection?


Question 15: MLA Format

Start at the Jenga table (the one to the right of the entrance).


1)    Read: As you may or may not already know, the Modern Language Association recently switched from MLA7 to MLA8. Even when using an electronic citation generator such as EasyBib or Son of Citation machine, it is important for you to know and understand the differences between the two so that you can make sure your citations have been formatted correctly.


2)    Read: List things in the order below with this punctuation, and everything will be fine. Notice that only 1, 2, and 9 have a period after them.

Works cited2.PNG

3) Read: When you type these items for your Works Cited page or Bibliography, you will NOT type them in a list, you’ll type them in a line similar to the example below:

Works Cited.PNG
4) Note: A container is "where you get the smaller thing."  

5) Start in the 900s. Select any book that interests your group.

6) Fill out this template for the book you selected.

7) Use the information from the template to write your completed citation below. Note: the citation should NOT be in a list. It should be in a line like the example below:

 Works Cited.PNG

Write your group’s completed citation on the instruction sheet.

Question 16: News Around the World

Start at the desktops facing the front office.

1) Go to the Library's website 

2) Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.
3) Select Quick Links
4) Select News Around the World
5) Which news sources listed on this page are familiar to the members of your group?

6) Which news sources listed on this page are new to you?

7) Go to one of the news sites you are unfamiliar with.
8) Skim one of the articles on the front page.
9) What was the title of the article (remember to put quotation marks around the title!)?
10) In no more than five sentences, share what the article was about:

Question 17: Recommended Websites

Start under the American Flag

1)     Go to the Library's website 

2) Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.
3) Select Quick Links
4) Select Academic Research
5) Note: 
The Library has a number of websites recommended for academic and personal research. These websites have been recommended to you because the information on them has been compiled be experts in their field. The sites are also continuously updated as new pieces of reliable information become available.
6) Note: We’ve organized these websites into a Symbaloo. Notice that the websites are organized by subject area.
7) Each member of your group should investigate two different websites.
8) Which websites did your group investigate?


9) When would these websites be helpful?


Question 19: Reflection

Complete this reflection as a group.