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Creek Cafe: Create a PaySchoolsCentral Account

For the 2023-2024 school year we will once again use PaySchools Central for our lunch program. Since the Pine Creek lunch program is completely cashless, if you plan to have your student purchase lunch at school, please register for a PaySchools Central account and add money to it.

Creek Cafe: Leftover Lunch Account Balances

  • Lunch balances for any student enrolled at Pine Creek will be available for use next year.  For any new student or freshman coming in to Pine Creek from another D20 school will be available to view on your Payschools account by August 10th and available for use this year.  

  • This balance will include monies that were available last year from our Pine Creek Lunch accounts as well as balances from Sodexo through Infinite Campus.    

  • Refer to our Creek Cafe website for more Information.