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Who qualifies?

If you believe you qualify for F&R benefits please visit: Free and Reduced | Academy District 20. Scroll to the section of the page labeled Application Details.

Students who qualify for F&R lunch benefits have two options.  Students may choose one item from “Category A” for free OR students can choose one item from “Category B” and receive a $4.00 discount (Free) or a $3.00 Discount (Reduced) for the item, paying any remaining balances (Free pays $1.75, Reduced pay $2.75) 

Category A: (choice of one item for free)

Up to 2 pieces of pizza OR 1 cheesy bread OR  1 salad OR 1 Jimmy John’s 4” slim sandwich OR 1 hamburger OR 1 cheeseburger, OR up to 2 pb&j’s OR up to 2 Cup-O-Noodles OR up to 2 Hot Pockets.

Category B: (choice of one item for a discount)

1 Regular Chicken Sandwich OR 1 Chicken Strips/Nuggets OR 1 Spicy Chicken  OR 1 Mac and Cheese, OR 1 Chinese Food (incl. meat and noodles variety of offerings)

Additional Information

*Students may only choose 1 item from 1 category 1 time per day and it must be rang up as one transaction (IE: students cannot go through and get 1 piece of pizza and come back for a second piece later).  

Students may purchase additional entrées, a la cart items, and/or beverages at the regular menu price.  

Students should have money loaded on their lunch account to cover any items that are not FREE or to make any additional purchase in the café, concession stand and coffee shop.  

Details on Purchasing Lunch

  • Free/Reduced benefits cannot be transferred and must be used by the qualified student only.

  • Students may use their student lunch account at all locations, if they have funded it, to make additional purchases. (Note: prices are subject to change without notice; menus are always posted in and around the café).

  • Students must provide their school ID card to use their benefits or make any purchase at any location.

  • The Pine Creek Café does not accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash for same day purchases.

  • Learn more about adding money to your lunch account here: Creek Cafe Lunch Account Information

  • Vendor options do vary by day. Learn more about our menu here: Creek Cafe Menu | Pine Creek High School (