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English Language Arts 

In Pine Creek’s English courses, students will hone their writing, reading, vocabulary, research, and critical thinking skills in order to thrive in a quickly-changing information and technology-based world.  

Specifics about the courses offered through the Pine Creek English Department can be found in the Pine Creek Course Guide


The Math Department at Pine Creek offers the region’s best in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, consumer math, and more! 

Specifics about the courses offered through the Pine Creek Math Department can be found in the Pine Creek Course Guide and by watching this commercial: Math@PineCreekHS

PE, Health, and Wellness 

Pine Creek’s PE staff strongly believe that regular exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer, feel better, and can increase the likelihood of delaying or preventing health complications later in life.  

In order to provide students with the opportunity to be fit and stay well, Pine Creek offers a variety of Physical Education courses which may include weightlifting, yoga, power volleyball, racquet sports, Shooting Stars (basketball), Rocky Mountain High (climbing), and Fitness through Dance. We also offer general health courses (in-person) as well as Global Health (all-online). 

Families can learn more about our PE and Health courses in the Pine Creek Course Guide and by watching some of these video commercials: PE@PineCreekHS


Science education at Pine Creek cultivates the knowledge and skills students need to become thoughtful, compassionate, and informed leaders in the scientific field and beyond. Students will consistently engage in authentic scientific inquiry, hand-on learning activities, as well as opportunities to connect scientific concepts, research, and policy to other disciplines. 

Specific information about the regular, honors, AP, and elective science courses can be found in the Pine Creek Course Guide.  

Elective options may include courses in the Biomedical sciences program, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Science of the Imagination, and Zoology. 

Social Studies 

The social sciences are essential to students’ understanding of themselves, their communities, their country, and the world.   

Through the social sciences students develop skills that help them think critically and thoughtfully about global and local issues so they can be more civically engaged and competent contributors to society.    

The Pine Creek Social Studies Department is proud to offer a variety of regular, honors, AP, and elective courses, all of which can be learned more about in the Pine Creek Course Guide.  

Elective options may include courses such as American Pop Culture, Ancient Civilizations, Applied Psychology, Economics, Explorations in Western Philosophy, Native American Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Street Law.  

World Languages 

With a drive to become the premiere spot for language learning in the state of Colorado, the World Languages Department at Pine Creek fosters an environment of proficiency-oriented language instruction, giving students the communicative and intercultural skills they need to navigate their ways through an ever-changing global society.   

The focus of instruction is communication as students gain the language skills required to tackle real-world tasks they might encounter in the target countries.   

Through the process of using language to investigate the products, practices, and perspectives of the studied cultures, students also gain a better understanding of their own cultures and how they themselves fit into the world at large.   

Specifics about the world language courses offered at Pine Creek can be found in the Pine Creek Course Guide and by watching one or more of the following: ASL@PineCreekHS | French@PineCreekHS | German@PineCreekHS | Spanish@PineCreekHS