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Welcome! As a Colorado Springs native, I was lucky enough to be a student in Academy District #20 schools from 4th grade through 9th grade, and though I eventually graduated from Fountain Valley School, the academic foundations that I developed while a student in District #20 have helped me become a successful student and professional. For my undergraduate studies, I attended Montana State in the beautiful environs of Bozeman, Montana. There I earned a bachelor of arts degree in literature. After returning to Colorado and completing the UCCS teacher preparation program, I was lucky enough to continue my literary studies through Middlebury college's Bread Loaf program, which was originated by Robert Frost among others. Earning a master of arts degree in literature from Middlebury was an enriching and broadening experience that helped shape me, more than any other academic experience, into the teacher I am today.

5/9/2013 12:32 PM
There are a lot of thought provoking stories on this site.
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