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Alisha Donald
Science Teacher
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My Background:
I grew up in a small town in Rochester, NY called Honeoye Falls. Early on, I enjoyed being outside and spending time out in nature. I graduated from SUNY Brockport with a degree in Biology and a minor in Earth Science. Once I graduated, I worked for the National Park Service as a graduate student assistant and Biological Technician. I worked at Sequoia National Park researching and collecting data on how fire impacts wildlife and the ecosystem. In addition, I worked with Yellowstone Ecosystem Studies researching the impact of wolf reintroduction on wildlife populations in Yellowstone National Park.
I returned to school in NY and began my teaching degree. I moved to Colorado in 2003, and started my teaching career as the 8th grade science teacher at Manitou Springs Middle School. In 2006, I was interviewed at Pine Creek High School and accepted my current teaching job at the BEST school in Colorado Springs.
Why I Teach:
I absolutely loved my biology jobs in the field. They were my passion because they were dynamic and I was outside everyday, in beautiful places. So why on Earth would I switch to teaching? I found that my passion for the environment and wildlife needed to be shared with younger generations in order to preserve and maintain the health of our planet. I want to instill the wonder and excitement that I have when I visit parks and experience nature and wildlife in students, to foster the responsibility of stewardship.
My Teaching Philosophy:
Getting an education is paramount for a society to function effectively and morally. My belief is not that every student should be passionate about Biology; but rather be passionate about learning HOW to learn and being able to make decisions based on objective, reliable sources. As a global society, we need to be aware of many issues that happen outside the our immediate community, and this requires a desire to continue learning beyond our formal school years. I want students to be successful, which means grow - NOT necessarily get an A. To accomplish this, I have chosen to adopt a Standards Based Reporting framework. This gives students a specific set of targets to aim for, making expectations clear. In addition, it rewards perseverance and demonstration of mastery in areas of interest.
This is the LMS program that we use in classes to access assignments as well as submit homework and practice. If you would like to have access, please email me and I will send you a parental code.
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