​PCHS Student Council  


Lindsay Mitchell and Dan Jeppson

Who are we?: 
At PCHS Student Council is a class whose purpose is to develop the leadership of its members and to serve the student body and staff at Pine Creek High School. StuCo uses a leadership curriculum during class and plans and puts on social events, community service projects, and many other activities for PCHS.

Student Council Application Packet

Congratulations on your decision to be part of Pine Creek High School’s Student Council! Student Council will provide you with one of the greatest opportunities you will have to make an impact in our school and the community. Please access the following for more information about applying to be in Student Council:

About PCHS StuCO:

Student Council at Pine Creek is both a class and an extracurricular event. Students on Student Council will use one of their elective periods to be in a class that focuses on leadership growth and development, as well as to work in committees and class councils to organize, plan, and implement different events and programs for the school.


Members are expected to attend most Student Council sponsored events as well as some outside sponsored events, and are also expected to meet outside of class with their class sponsors for planning purposes. Members are also expected to participate in any fundraising or class-specific events, such as Sophomore Concessions, Junior Prom, etc. All members of Student Council must also maintain their grade point average and a positive attitude in their classes and seminar. Work outside of class time will be mandatory. Required events may take place after school or on weekends. Your commitment to school events will allow you to be more engaged in leadership and will help you to create a better school environment. Please make sure you consider your current and future obligations before you commit to Student Council. We look forward to working with you!

Contact a StuCO Sponsor:

To contact a member of the PCHS Faculty, type firstname.lastname@asd20.org into the address box of your email (i.e. Nelson Mandela would be Nelson.Mandela@asd20.org).