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 Vision for Digital Learning @ PCHS

The vision for digital learning at Pine Creek High School is focused on students as learners and teachers as their partners in the learning process. Here we use digital tools to investigate, create products, innovate design, collaborate with others inside and out of the classroom, and demonstrate learning. Our learners will be globally connected creators, communicators, collaborators, contributors, and constructivists.

 Parent/Guardian Information

​​For additional information on our program and Digital Citizenship, visit our Parent/Guardian Information ​page.

 Summer iPad Program

​Interested in our Summer iPad Program?

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 Backup Your Resources

​What don't you need to backup? Resources that you store online, like Showbie or Socrative.

What should you backup?

 Find My iPad

  1. ​Navigate to the iCloud home​ page and login.
  2. Click on the "Find My iPhone" application. The service loads a map that shows the last known location of all devices connected to your iCloud account, assuming those devices have FInd My iPhone/iPad enabled. Ddevices currently online are marked with a green dot, while offline devices are marked with gray.
  3. Click the "All Devices" drop-down menu and then select the iPad you're attempting to locate. Click "Play Sound" to fource the iPad to emit an audible noise if you suspect you've misplaced the tablet somewhere nearby. Click "Lost Mode" to put the iPad into Lost Mode, which enables you to remotely lock the device, monitor its location or display a message including your phone number. 
  4. If you are unable to find your iPad this way, plese visit the Pine Creek Tech Office as soon as possible.

 PCHS iPad Check-out Procedure - At Registration

​Along with Challenger Middle School and Mountain View Elementary School, Pine Creek is part of District 20's Schools of Innovative Learning and Technology (SILT) strand.  The SILT strand schools are in their fourth year of a 1:1 (one device for each student) program. Students and parents should review the expectations and requirements for participation in this program. ​

 ​Read the PCHS Student and 1:1 Program Handbook and click the agreement link in the Extended Parent Portal.
Before receiving the iPad:
  1. The handbook policies and procedures must be acknowledged and agreed to by the family. This is done in Infinite Campus under the "Student Agreements" tab.
  2. Students may use a personal Apple ID, but no Apple ID is necessary to use a PCHS iPad or receive PCHS apps. 
  3. If you choose to use a personal Apple ID, the student  needs to know the Apple ID and the password and have access to another device using that Apple ID if you have 2-step verification turned on.  If an Apple ID needs to be created, go to appleid.apple.com to create one.
  4. Students need to pay the $50 user fee. This can be done through Pay-For-It or the Bookkeeper. Students will also need to bring the receipt for that payment with them. The tech office is unable to process payments or verify them.
  5. Students need to bring their student ID.​​​

How to create an Apple ID


​Pine Creek High School is a 1:1 iPad school, but we recognize that some families may prefer to use their own devices. If you choose to use your own device, you are still accountable to the same rules for network use as the 1:1 devices and are accepting the responsibility to obtain the necessary apps that classes require.

Student Handbook and 1:1 Student Handbook

If you have any questions, please contact our Digital Learning Coach and Building Technology Coordinator, Steve Errickson by email, stephen.errickson@asd20.org, or 234-2664.