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IPad Summer Check-out

As part of a pilot program this year, Pine Creek students in grades 9-11 may check out their school iPads and keep them over the summer. Students who keep their iPads will be able to renew their checkouts online and save time during Check-in at the Creek in August! There is no additional cost for the summer check-out.


​By electronically signing the Summer iPad Checkout agreement on the Extended Parent Portal, you and your student are verifying that you have read and are aware of the expectations, rules, and responsibilities of having a school-issued iPad as described in the Student Handbook. The responsibilities for appropriate care and use apply over the summer.

  • The iPad is the property of Academy School District 20.
  • If the iPad is damaged over the summer, or if you need service or support, contact the D20 Help Desk. DO NOT take the device to the Apple Store.
  • If you move or transfer schools, the iPad must be turned in to the D20 Help Desk.
  • If the device is lost or stolen, file a police report and contact the D20 Help Desk immediately.
  • To complete a police report:

 How to Check-Out an iPad for the Summer

​The deadline to check out an iPad for the summer is May 4. To check-out an iPad for the summer:

  • parents must login to the Extended Parent Portal.
  • select your PCHS student's name from the drop-down menu. If you have more than one Pine Creek student, you will need to complete this process for each student.
  • Go to the Agreements page.
  • Go to the Optional Summer iPad Checkout and select the Yes option.
  • Click Submit.

Your electronic signature on the Summer iPad Checkout verifies that you have read and are aware of the expectations, rules, and responsibilities of having a school-issued iPad. If you have questions about summer iPad checkouts, please contact Steve Errickson (stephen.errickson@asd20.org), Building Technology Coordinator or Susan Murray-Carrico (susan.murray@asd20.org), Digital Learning Coach.

 Fall Checkout Renewal

​When school starts in the fall, students will be able to renew their checkouts by
  1. paying the user fee on or before Check-in at the Creek and
  2. signing the 2018-2019 Student Handbook Agreement in the Extended Parent Portal.

This will allow students to skip the iPad lines in the fall. If a student does not pay the fee, the iPad must be returned.

​D20 Help Desk

​1110 Chapel Hills Drive

7:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F

​719-234-1777 | help@asd20.org