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I Am Pine Creek: Skyler Kim  | #ThereIsNoSubstitute

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 "I belong here," sophomore Skyler Kim stated, reflecting on Pine Creek’s influence in his life. “The students are unique in their differences and personalities,” he continued. Skylar feels that he “fits in” with this uniqueness as a student who balances academics and a social life with being a State Taekwondo Champion for the past 6 years. Taekwondo has been a part of his life since  ... (Read more >>)

Pine Creek Educator of the Year

Jillian Lykens  | #ThereIsNoSubstitute

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Jillian Lykens, Pine Creek's 2019 Educator of the Year, is no stranger to excellence! In the fall of 2018 she received the German Embassy Teacher of Excellence Award and her presentation at the state foreign language conference in April of 2018 titled, "Language Grows When You're Having Fun! Engaging Your Students Through Performance Assessments," was recognized as ... (Read more >>)

Pine Classified Staff Member of the Year

Karla Wester  | #ThereIsNoSubstitute

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Karla Wester, Library Clerk-Typist and Pine Creek's Classified Staff Member of the Year has tirelessly and enthusiastically been dedicated to maintaining and improving the day-to-day inner-workings of the Library's operations since she started at PCHS in 2000Without space for visioning, a plan for its implementation, a certified Teacher-Librarian, and top-notch support staff such as Karla, the efforts of a Library program stagnate: the program becomes subject to the latest whim and the Library facility becomes a book warehouse.  Due to Karla's excellent work, there has been space for the Teacher-Librarian to collaborate with teachers, administrators, and other staff members (including Karla!) so that the Library’s vision could evolve. 

As a result of having created the space for the shift to occur as well as having actively been a part of its implementation, Karla Wester has played a vital role (Read more >>)

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