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The D20 Choice Window for 2019 - 2020 will be open January 9 - February 28. Choose Pine Creek!

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About Us: Educators at Pine Creek High School work collaboratively to design learning experiences that equip and empower all learners to think critically, perform creatively, and work ethically by providing a safe and welcoming learning community with rigorous and relevant opportunities which cultivate compassionate citizens who will flourish in a globally-minded society... (Learn More > >)

I Am Pine Creek

Ethan Kramer.jpgI Am Pine Creek: Ethan Kramer | #There Is No Substitute

“To soar above all…” Ethan Kramer said with a smile, when asked what it means to be an Eagle; and soar he does! As a member of the Young Champion Ambassador program, Ethan was chosen as a top ten finalist for his project about  

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1/21/2019 12:00 AM
1/21/2019 12:00 AM
1/22/2019 10:45 AM
1/23/2019 6:45 AM
1/24/2019 10:45 AM
1/24/2019 3:00 PM
1/24/2019 6:30 PM
1/25/2019 8:00 AM
1/28/2019 7:00 PM
1/31/2019 12:00 AM
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