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What courses do I select?

For a list of courses and requirements, refer to the Pine Creek Course Guide. The guide includes a flow chart for each subject in alpha order by discipline, a description of each class, and course fees and prerequisites.   .

Other Course Selection Guidelines 

1) Discuss as a Family: Please discuss class choices as a family and make sure you and your student are in agreement with the courses selected for the next school year.  

2) Discuss with Teachers: We also encourage your student to discuss course selection with his/her current core class teacher if they have questions regarding placement.  

3) Select Carefully: Choose ALL classes with care, keeping in mind balance. 

Every class = 30 min/1 hour of homework

Every H/AP course = 1.5/2 hours of homework per night!

4) Schedule Changes: Keep in mind that schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons: Academic misplacement; Challenge by choice; Add a course needed for graduation; Drop a course when pre-reqs have not been met; Add/change partial absences; Empty blocks in schedules