Volunteer of the Year

​Pine Creek Volunteer of the Year

Karen Cleary, Pine Creek's Volunteer of the Year has been helping out in schools for the past nine years. "One of the most memorable things I've done was working the Coat Check for Homecoming," Cleary said. "You're there with other parents and teachers and just trying to help kids --  It's total mayhem, at times, but fun!" 

In addition to being an active member of Pine Creek's Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP), Karen has also helped with the Pine Creek band, basketball, and volleyball Booster Clubs, been one of the Pine Creek reps for the D20 Parent Sounding Board, served on the Building Committee for the 10 Classroom addition, and led the Pine Creek's Moms in Touch group. "I've enjoyed it all!" Cleary said. "By volunteering you can plug-in and better keep up with what's going on at the school and with your kids." 

Please join us in honoring Karen Cleary, Pine Creek's Volunteer of the Year, for her dedication to supporting our students and staff!

Karen Cleary  | Pine Creek High School Volunteer of the Year | #ThereIsNoSubstitute