PCHS Textbooks PCHS Heading.png

What do you have checked out?
    • Students can see what textbooks they have checked out by logging into the Follett/Destiny databaseClick on the link, then click Pine Creek.
    • Use student number and password to login to student textbook accounts.
End of Year Due Dates 
    • Senior end of year textbook turn-in dates/times: TBD
    • Underclassmen end of year textbook turn-in dates/times: TBD
When/How will you return them?
    • The most efficient way to return textbooks is to return them with the rest of your class as part of a group check-in that has been scheduled by your teacher.
    • If your teacher does not schedule a group check-in, or you miss the group check-in date, please do one of the following:
      • Return the books to the Textbook Room (end of year only)
      • Bring your textbooks into the Library facility
      • Return single textbooks using the Library's exterior Book Drop located across from the Front Office. 
Textbook-Related Fines and Fees

Students are responsible for the full replacement value of any lost, missing, or damaged books and items. 

Seniors who have not turned in their materials and/or paid for missing items will be unable to participate in the Graduation ceremony until they have done so.

Underclassmen who have not turned in their materials and/or paid for missing items will be unable to register for the following school year until they have done so.

Guidelines for Taking Care of Your Textbooks:
    • Write your name on the inside front cover.
    • Keep them away from pets.
    • Keep them away from liquids.
    • Do not leave them in classrooms (you are responsible for them, not your teacher).
    • Keep them separate from your friends' books. Students will be required to turn in the book that was checked out to them, no matter how much group-work they may have done throughout the year. In addition to writing your name inside the front cover, we would also recommend making note of the last four or five digits of the barcode number located on the spine of the book. 

If you have any textbook-related questions, please contact Lisa Britton.