English Honors Sophomore World Literature
Honors Sophomore World Literature

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Table of Contents (See details for each below)

1) Read and annotate Once and Future King. Annotation is required; however, keeping a character chart (links below) is also suggested.

2) Select and purchase your Choice text.

3) Complete the assignments for Once and Future King

Text for Required Summer Reading:

The Once and Future King by T.H. White (Read over the summer)

ISBN-10: 0441627404

ISBN-13: 978-0441627400

Everyone MUST read this selection.

Assignment: See below. Also: expect an assignment/ test at the beginning of the school year. 

Due Date: The assignment will be due the first full day of class. Please have your assignment printed and ready to be turned in.

Assignments for Once and Future King:

I. Required Annotations: Annotate your copy of Once and Future King as you read

Guidelines for annotations:

Think of annotations as notes written directly in your novel. Annotations may be written directly in the novel or on sticky notes posted in the novel, but must be written/placed directly on on the text.  Any notes outside of the novel are not considered annotations and will be not be graded.

Annotations will be graded on consistent interaction with the text --- mark important quotes, character development, literary devices, questions, confusions, and unfamiliar vocabulary.

How do I create annotations?:

II. Required Written Assignments

Part 1 - In essay format using textual evidence throuhout the novel to support your opinion, answer the following: 

from the "Sword in the Stone"

In the "Sword in the Stone" Merlyn uses Arthur's experiences to teach him a model of leadership. Merlyn accomplishes this by transforming Arthur into various animals. Track the lesson of each transformation and use textual support to support what Merlyn is teaching Arthur in regards to leadership. (Avoid summarizing the transformations). Remember, Merlyn teaches Arthur through both positive and negative examples. Responses should be given in essay format.

Part 2 - In paragraph format using textual evidence throuhout the novel to support your opinion, answer the following: 

from the remaining three sections "Queen of Air and Darkness" "Ill-made Knight" "Candle in the Wind"

Track Arthur's growth and development as he becomes king and establishes his kingdom. In the end what brings about his ultimate downfall? Think about: In what ways is Arthur a good man and king? What are some of his weaknesses? Use textual evidence throughout the novel to support your opinion. Response should be given in paragraph format.

Make Sure to Cite Correctly: Answering each question requires textual support (specific quotes from the text) and analysis. Please be sure to cite the quote you use with parenthetical documentation (in-text citation).

Citation Example 
Citation Example.JPG

III. Suggested Written Assignments:  In addition to your annotations, we also suggest that you keep a chart of characters in order to track relationships and alliances.

Identifying Character Traits Worksheet (optional)

Sample Character Traits (optional)

First Day of School Checklist (1st  blue or green day):

◻         Annotated copy of Once and Future King

◻         Unread copy of Sold or Never Fall Down

◻         Assignments for Once and Future King (printed and ready to turn in)

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