English AP Literature and Composition

‚ÄčAP Literature and Composition

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Text for Required Summer Reading:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (ISBN: 9780425232200)

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Note: You must obtain your own copy of this text.  As you read, you will perform a careful textual analysis, which requires underlining, highlighting, and taking notes in the margins.  Summer reading is a requirement; it is not an option. You need to read this piece and complete the requisite assignments by the first day of class.


General Information    

In the interest of keeping students reading and honing their critical reading skills, students will read The Help (ISBN13: 9780425232200), by Kathryn Stockett. We highly recommend that you annotate the novel as you read, and you should try to identify literary elements that Stockett utilizes to create this portrait of human experience (symbolism, figurative language, diction, tone, etc.). It would also be wise to pay close attention to setting/time period during which the novel is set and instances of moral crises and personal growth for the characters.

The first week back from the summer break students will be presented with an analytical writing assessment that will focus on this novel. Students will be able to use their book and any annotations they have created during this assessment.

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