Report an Absence

​For students in 9th and 11th grades: Contact Lindsey Kellen, (719) 234-2643 | Email

For students in 10th and 12th grades: Contact Kerrie Petch, (719) 234-2635 Email

If your student is attending virtually: 

parent/guardian should notify the PCHS Attendance Office if their student is scheduled for in-person learning in the building, but elects to attend online instead. Once the Attendance Office is notified, the student will be marked as “VP” virtually  participating. 

General Reminders Regarding Attendance

​1) Please call in absences as early in the day as possible.

2) If leaving a message, include: 
    • Your child's name and grade
    • Reason for absence
    • Your name and a contact number
3) Students who are leaving for appointments during the day must check out with their grade-level secretary before leaving the building.

Enrolling at Pine Creek

Contact Central Registry via phone (719) 234-1224 or email between 7:30 A.M. and 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Withdrawing from Pine Creek

If you are planning to withdraw your students, please contact Sherry Gregory, school registrar with student name and withdrawal date. She will be able to provide you with next steps.