Academic Excellence

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Each academic department at Pine Creek determines which seniors should be recognized for excellence as distinguished by two types of awards: the Academic Excellence Award and the Eager Eagle Award.

Academic Excellence Awards recognize students who have demonstrated repeated academic achievement in the subject area, have contributed significantly to class discussions and projects, have demonstrated a love of learning, are curious, and a scholar.

Congratulations to our Award Recipients!

Academic Support        
Nicholas Appleton

Business & Marketing    
Ashley Park, Marketing Student of the Year 
Jennifer Provolt, DECA Student of the Year
Melody Turner, Business Student of the Year 

Computer Science        
Angel Wang
 Anna Rahn
Ethan Wich
Grant Garlock
Jungeun Lee
Lauren Funston

Andrew Puglise, Kort Vonnegut Award
Axel Borghi, Ralph Waldo Emerson Award
MacLean Bishop, The Virginia Woolf Award
Owen Mellott, Robert Pirsig Award
Owen Smith, The Aldous Huxley Award
Rachel Scott, Kate Chopin Award 

Halei Van Auken, Academic Excellence
Jackson Raedeke, Academic Excellence
Karissa Geiss, Academic Excellence
Levi Laib, Academic Excellence

Fine Arts
Aliyah Martin, 2D Art 
Rachel Scott, 2D Art 
Audrey Teets, 3D Art 
Caitlin Lockard, 3D Art 
Skyler Bath, 3D Art 

Ashley Park, Graphic Art 
Hayden Johnson, Graphic Art 
Sydney Fox, Graphic Art 

Andrew Puglise, Pythagoras Award*
Angel Wang, Outstanding Senior Mathematics Student
Benjamin Harrington, Newton Award**
Jungeun Lee, Newton Award**
Kyle Ma, Outstanding Senior Mathematics Student
Maggie Jackson, Pythagoras Award*
Shreya Shrestha, Newton Award**
* The Pythagoras Award Awarded to a student who has demonstrated uniquely creative mathematical insight and an appreciation for both the beauty and pragmatism of mathematics

**  Newton Award: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding mathematical intuition and insightful problem solving skills

Performing Arts: Instrumental Music
Allison Williamson, Patrick S. Gilmore Award
Allison Williamson, Senior Drum Major Award
Austin Ehler, Louis Armstrong Award
Avery Lamson, National School Color Guard Award
Benjamin Riley, John Phillip Sousa Award
Cassidy Baker, Quincy Jones Musicianship Award
Donovan Kriskowski, Director’s Award for Band
Hannah Davidson, Senior Drum Major Award
Ian Patterson, Frederic Chopin Piano Award
Julia Joffrion, Quincy Jones Musicianship Award
Kayla Kitch, Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award
Kristiana Kasper, National School Orchestra Award
Krysta Douglas, Patrick S. Gilmore Award
Krysta Douglas, Senior Drum Major Award
Lily Gayou, Director’s Award for Band
Maxwell Martin, National School Marching Band Award
Megan Bassinger, Director’s Award for Orchestra
Rachel Borden, Director’s Award for Band
Syris Wagoner, Esprit de Corps Award

Performing Arts: Theatre
Adrienne Bogren, Theatre
Heaven Simms, Theatre
Isaiah Hill, Theatre
Tanner Haver, Theatre
Peforming Arts: Vocal
Geoffrey Frederic, Director's Award 
John Herman, Director's Award 

Physical Education
Angel Wang
Jason Wong
Maxwell Lofy

Angel Wang
Ashely Egbert
Ethan Wich
Junguen Lee
Kyle Ma
Megan Bassinger
Shreya Shrestha

Social Studies                
Andrew Puglise
Angel Wang
Anna Rahn
Grant Garlock
Hannah Davidson
Kassia Brooks
Kendal Hile
Liam Brown

Student Council
Caroline Monberg, Spirit Eagle
Celeste Alvidrez, Spirit Eagle

Tag and Honors        
Angel Wang
Anna Rahn
Isabelle Kemp
Lauren Funston
Noah Rose
Owen Melott

World Languages           
Alyssa Keller (ASL)
Anna Rahn (ASL)
Maggie Jackson (French)
Kaelyn Liberto (German)
Angel Wang (Spanish)
Hannah Bernard (Spanish)
Lauren Funston (Spanish)