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To learn more about student involvement and leadership, technology access and use that accompanies learning, student post-secondary plans, and to gain a small glimpse of what's happening in our classrooms, click here.

What We Offer 



Educators at Pine Creek High School work collaboratively to design learning experiences that equip and empower all learners to think critically, perform creatively, and work ethically by providing a safe and welcoming learning community with ... (Read More > >




The Pine Creek High School athletic program is one that reflects the needs and determinations of our student body and community by maintaining a strong sense of pride, excellence, and overall student development. This is done through a balance of healthy competition, training, and educational scholarship ... (Read More > >)



Clubs and Activities

Clubs & Activities

Get involved in activities such as clubs, music, sports, and/or volunteer work. When you have an opportunity, try some leadership roles in these activities... (Learn More > >).




College & Career

Question: What are some other things I should do while I’m in high school to prepare me for college?


Answer: Do your best in your classes. Keep in mind that most colleges give preference to students who challenge themselves throughout high school over those who take easier classes and get a higher grade point average. You may also want to enroll for dual credit classes that allow you to earn college credit while in high school through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program. Your school counselor can provide you with details on each of these opportunities. ... (Learn More > >)


A Glimpse Inside PCHS Classrooms

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