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 Link to the ASVAB Score Interpretation Pamphlet

What is the ASVAB Career Exploration Program? It is an aptitude test, a career interest self-assessment, and career exploration tools all rolled into one assessment. "ASVAB CEP empowers students nationwide to discover their strengths and interests then map out post-secondary plans that work" (from the ASVAB web site). Please visit for more information.

WHO: Juniors and Seniors (11th and 12th Grades)

WHEN: November 2019 and March 2020

WHERE: Pine Creek High School

Military Recruitment: We have opted NOT to have students' scores released to recruiters; however,  if they wish, individual students will have the opportunity to opt-in to sending their scores to recruiters, thereby agreeing to military correspondence and recruitment.


The best test-takers are prepared ones. If you would like more information about the test and/or some practice items, these sites are especially useful: