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Reading Your Schedule
Logging In

Link: Accelerate Login Link

Username: FirstName.LastName

Password for First-Time Users: pcstudent

Password for Returning Users: The same as what you made it last semester!

Setting up Your iPad *Students new to Accelerate MUST complete these steps.

Video Instructions: Accerate for iOS.mp4

Written Instructions: Accelerate for iOS - iPad Initial Setup and Login

Recommended Browser

Apple iOS: Safari

PC: Firefox or Chrome

Navigating the Course

Coming soon.

Accelerate also offers a brief overview of key features of the software. Click here to watch.

Submitting Assignments

When submitting assignments, students have the option to submit 

from Google Drive or to attach a file. Decide which you'd like to do and then follow the instructions below based on your device.

Accelerate iOS

Google Drive Assignment Workflow

Adobe Acrobat Assignment Workflow

Accelerate on a (personal) Laptop or Desktop
Text to Speech Help
Office 365 - Download the apps for free! Some Accelerate classes require access to O365.
On a school iPad: Go to the D20 app store, search for the app(s) and install/download. No AppleID necessary.
On a personal iPad, iPhone, or Android device: Go to the Apple or mobile device app store and download for free.  You will need an AppleID to download on an iPad/iPhone, but it will be free.

On a laptop/desktop: Instructions here.

Top 5 Reasons You Can't Login
  1. You are using the wrong site. Be sure that you are using the correct URL (don't just Google Accelerate):
  2. You are mistyping your login (firstname.lastname)
  3. You are mistyping your password
  4. You are using the incorrect browser (Use Firefox or Chrome for PC or Safari for Apple)
  5. You've mis-entered your login too many times and are now locked out. Email to request a lockout reset.
Requesting an Observer Account
Parents can request an observer account to monitor student progress in the class. Click here and complete the form to request an observer account. 

Help Desk
Most issues can be handled by the Pine Creek Help Desk. Email:

You may also contact the Accelerate Help Desk

Contact Information

Accelerate Program Coordinator: Ty Clark (
Accelerate Registrar: Sherry Gregory (