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2019-2020 Season:
  Fall Musical: A Christmas Carol - A  
  New Musical
  Spring Musical: Mamma Mia!

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Once a show has been posted, tickets for PCHS Theatre performances can be purchased through BookTix. Contact PCHS Theatre director, Michele Messenger with questions.


Upcoming Events

Thank you for visiting the Theatre Page for Pine Creek High School! 

Due to school closures as a result of COVID-19, our previously advertised show dates no longer exist. 

The cast and crew hold on to the hope that this situation will pass and the show will go on for at least some dates before the end of the school year. The cast continues to review their parts at home while we wait for news. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and check back to our page for updates. 

In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well. Thank you for your support!

2020 Spring Musical: Mamma Mia!

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Purchase Tickets: Once a show has been posted, tickets for PCHS Theatre performances can be purchased through BookTixContact PCHS Theatre director, Michele Messenger with questions.

Theatre Course Offerings:
Before committing, please read the in-depth description of each course found in the PCHS Course Guide.
Theatre 1: History of Theatre and Introduction to Acting --Learn about the acting styles of different eras while also developing skills ranging from beginning to intermediate acting
Theatre 2: A comprehensive introduction to acting

Theatre 3: Advanced Acting

Theatre 4: Directing
Technical Theatre: The study and creation of set design, artistic painting, costuming, props, and publicity
Theatre Sports: A form of theater that will help actors of all ability levels to develop skills in spontaneity, characterization, and physical communication through improvisational activities

The International Thespian Society (ITS), Troupe 6485: ITS recognizes and rewards students who are heavily involved in theatre during high school. Privileges include college and university auditions and various honors including graduation honors. Opportunities to serve in a leadership role as an officer and mentor rising actors are available.

Theatre Club: Open to all students interested in pursuing theatre-related activities while accumulating points to advance to Thespian