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We believe that regular exercise is an essential part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer, feel better, and can delay or prevent many diseases. We offer a variety of Physical Education courses to help students find the right exercise for them. We also recognize that unhealthy lifestyle choices threaten many lives. Decisions made today can have long-lasting effects. We hope that the knowledge gained in our Health courses will enhance student physical, social and emotional well-being, enabling them to better cope with the challenges of life. As a department, we are passionate about what we teach and encourage students to pursue a healthy lifestyle during high school and throughout life.


Graduation Requirements for Physical Education: 3 semesters of P.E. and 1 semester of Health.

*We encourage all freshmen to take one semester of Health and one semester of P.E. so that they have met half of their requirements freshmen year.


PE Department Policies

PE Freshmen Course Offerings

FilloJoey(719) 234-8708Joseph.Fillo@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher
FlannerySteve(719) 234-8311Stephen.Flannery@asd20.orgWebsiteEnglish & P.E. Teacher
GabelBilly(719) 234-8496William.Gabel@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher
KrohnJanelle(719) 234-2740Janelle.Krohn@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher
LopezRobert(719) 234-8826Robert.Lopez@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher
MillerTodd(719) 234-8520Todd.Miller@asd20.orgPE Department WebsiteTeacher
MillhauserGlenn(719) 234-8718Glenn.Millhauser@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher
RoikoDani(719) 234-8538Dani.Roiko@asd20.orgWebsiteTeacher & Department Chair