Sponsor: Gigi McNulty

Contact email: Gigi.McNulty@asd20.org

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Welcome to Forensics—better known as Speech and Debate! Does drama find you and enter your life no matter what you do? Then SPEECH is for you! Let us help you express yourself by honing your dramatic skills. Maybe you love to argue or find that most of your everyday conversations turn into arguments? DEBATE will give you the tools you need to hone your skills and win those arguments! Is drama your thing? Our team is open to everyone—if you show up for practice and compete in various competitions, you are on the team! No tryouts required!


There are seven speech categories to choose from. The debate program offers two types of debate; Lincoln Douglas or Public Forum. The team also competes in student Congress, where students write, propose and debate legislation. Check the course catalog for the Forensics elective; this class will give you time to write and practice your speeches or interpretations. Additionally, practice is held during the week on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00, where students develop their public speaking, debating and acting abilities.  


If you love to act or argue, speak and compete, come join the team!