English National Honor Society

 Sponsor: Nan Gefreh


"Gelast Sceal Mid Are"

The NEHS motto, "gelast sceal mid are," is Old English for: "duty goes with honor." The motto represents one of the earliest forms of our language—it affirms and celebrates an obligation to use one's gifts in service to others. Service to peers, school, and community is part and parcel of the NEHS mission—and, indeed, in the grammatical structure of the Old English phrase, "duty" actually precedes "honor."

The National English Honor Society (NEHS) recognizes the academic accomplishments of America's high school students and promotes their continuing interest in the English language arts. NEHS is the only high school honor society exclusively for students of English. As such, it provides a unique opportunity to engage students, teachers, and local schools in the valuable experience of discipline-related national honor-society participation. 

The Mission of NEHS is to: 

• Confer national distinction upon secondary school students for high achievement in the English language arts; • build a national community of academic achievers; 

• Provide, through local chapters, cultural stimulation in high school environments; 

• Encourage interest in the English language arts; and 

• Serve society by fostering literacy

The National English Honor Society (NEHS) is about students! Membership is an honor bestowed on students selected for their accomplishments in the field of English and in overall academic achievement. NEHS provides recognition for past achievement, the nurturing of present interests, and encouragement for future success. NEHS is the organization for students who have experienced the power of literature, the pleasures of good writing, and the excitement of language studies. 

Freshmen are eligible to apply during the Spring semester.  

Contact email: nan.gefreh@asd20.org​