Eagle Athletic Vision

The Pine Creek High School athletic program is one that reflects the needs and determinations of our student body and community by maintaining a strong sense of pride, excellence, and overall student development. This is done through a balance of healthy competition, training, and educational scholarship. In pursuit of this objective, we recognize the importance of academic accountability, community service, and the quintessential ideals of virtuous sportsmanship.

In partnership with coaches, teachers, parents, and adminsitrators; student-athletes strive for excellence in an environment that is safe, positive, and an integral part of the entire school culture. Lifelong values such as, leadership development, empathy for others, and positive social interaction are the results of participation in our school programs. We are committed to providing our student-athletes with a wide variety of well-organized programs which meet their needs for physical and emotional well-being while developing constructive moral and social values in a highly competitive, interscholastic arena.
Participation in athletics is a privilege which will enable student-athletes to develop skills and experiences that will lead to lifelong growth and achievement.
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​Eagle Athletic Core Values


CHARACTER – is neither good or bad.  A person either possesses character or lacks character.  Character is a reflection of what is good with mankind; it is an acquired positive lifestyle and it is expressed with everyday contact with our environment.  Without character, sincere leadership opportunities, and more importantly successes, are not possible.

COMPETITIVE – The controlled desire to compete is the most sincere human instinct as it relates to success.  The failure to master the emotion of competitiveness is adventuring into life's challenges without direction.  The ability and desire to compete are the foundational ingredients for personal successes.  Without sincere, controlled competitiveness, success is not possible.

– One's ability to master obstacles determines the highest level of successthey will achieve.  A person's positive composure and presence of mind in dangerous, intense, or trying circumstances sets the environment for positive results and successes.  Composure, an acquired trait, is highly contagious within a team.

– Class is the ability to represent oneself with self-respect and respect for all human contacts on a daily basis.  Class is a standard of excellence reflected in what we say, what we do, how we act, and what we wear.  Class is reflected the brightest when we are not attempting to reflect it at all.

– Sincere confidence is the internal and external reflection of the combined character traits of respect, integrity, leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility.  As one successfully acquires these traits, combined with the mastery of the techniques, fundamentals and skills of a given cause, successes will follow with both personally and professional endeavors.


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 Athletic Registration

Fall Sports Registration

July 16 - August 2


Registration Information


Register online through the Extended Parent Portal.

For detailed instructions,

click here.

Arbiter Athlete Information 

 Eligibility Appeal

​Here is the link for the academic eligibility form, you may open this form, fill it out, print or SAVE this form and email as an attachment to the teacher. Completed forms will only be accepted in the athletic office from teaching staff.


Hard copies are also available outside of Mrs. Field's office.


Eligibility Appeal Form

 Sports Physical Information

Physical must cover the ENTIRE season for that sport including post season play. NO EXCEPTIONS. Physicals must be signed and dated by the physician. Please upload the physical to the IC extended parent portal, under the athletics tab.

Physical Form

 Athletic Department

​Eric Hulen

Athletic Director/Asst. Principal



Jenny Field

Athletic Secretary



Heather Thompson

Athletic Trainer



Fax: 719-234-2798