The PSAT 10

On April 10th, 2019, all 10th grade students will take the PSAT 10 at Pine Creek High School..


Parents DO NOT need to register their students for this PSAT 10 test—all students in the 10th grade will automatically be registered. The only thing that 10th grade students must do to take this test is come to school on April 10th with a pencil, calculator, and an ID.

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The Student Data Questionnaire

The questionnaire asks about you and your interests. This information is used for group reporting, for analysis to ensure the exams are fair for all groups, to connect you with potential colleges or scholarship opportunities, and for research. A primary benefit of completing the optional questionnaire is to opt in to Student Search Service® , which connects you to college and scholarship opportunities that reflect your interests. 

If you choose to participate in the optional questionnaire, the data you provide will be added to your College Board student record. Even if you choose not to participate in Student Search Service, your responses: 

  • Give counselors and college admission officers information to help you plan for the future. The more information you give, the more assistance they can give to you. 
  • Provide information to the College Board that is used to ensure the PSAT 10 is a fair and accurate test for all students. 
  • Contribute―when combined with responses of all other students taking the PSAT 10―to an understanding of your graduating class. This lets colleges and universities deliver programs and opportunities to serve you and your classmates.

Students who choose to complete this optional questionniare for the PSAT 10 must turn in a consent form no later than April 5th. The questionnaire will be filled out during pre-administration on test day (April 10th).

  • Consent forms are required for this optional questionnaire pre-administration session. Only students who have turned in consent forms, with their signatures and a parent's signature will be allowed to participate in this pre-administration session. Deadline: April 5, 2019.
  • For more information on the optional questionnaire and the benefits of participating, please see the Student Data Consent form or the PSAT 10 Student Guide .

PLEASE NOTE: Parents and students do not need to do anything for their students to take the PSAT 10 on Wed., April 10th.  Only sign and return the Student Data Consent Form if you want your child to answer the optional Student Data Questionnaire during a pre-administration session on test day. 

Deadline for returning Student Data Consent forms is Friday, April 5th.

  • Paper copies may be returned to Mrs. Koonce, Front Office Secretary.
  • Electronic copies may be scanned and emailed to T.J. Airhart, School Assessment Coordinator, at

For questions, please contact:

T.J. Airhart 

School Assessment Coordinator

SAT and PSAT 10


·        (719) 234-2646

Matt Mahan 

School Assessment Coordinator

PSAT 9 and CMAS Science


·        (719) 234-2629

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