PCHS Online Learning

Hybrid Learning | Precautions in the Building

What are the options for learning from home?

Students electing to learn from home can choose 100% online learning through Accelerate or Synchronous Learning. The Accelerate curriculum is currently used by the online high school in our district. Accelerate is an independent, self- directed, self-paced curriculum. Highly qualified Pine Creek teachers will monitor student progress, assign grades, and communicate progress to parents. Attendance is not taken, and students can login and complete work on their own schedule.


Synchronous learners remotely participate in classes taught by Pine Creek teachers. Students must be online and participating during regular class times. Attendance is taken each period, and students follow the pace of the course.

What type of hardware do I need to learn online?

School iPads will be sufficient for most courses, whether you are a Hybrid, Synchronous, or Accelerate learner. Computer science and graphics arts classes may have additional requirements, and teachers will be emailing their students soon to let them know what those requirements are.

When students are learning remotely (either Hybrid or Synchronous), what program will they use?

We will be using Microsoft Teams for our virtual classroom experience. Students will be able to watch classroom instruction live, ask questions, and interact with their classmates.


How much homework can I expect with Accelerate?

All learners vary in the speed with which they master new material and complete homework. Students are expected to spend, at minimum, the same amount of time on these courses as they would in a traditional class (45-60 minutes per day/per course).


How do I decide between Accelerate and Fully Synchronous Learning?

The High School Learning Options section in the Return to School plan includes descriptions of each program, and here is a short summary.


Accelerate vs. Synchronous Learning



·  Asynchronous Learning (students work based on their own schedules)

·  Real-time Instruction (when at home, students must login and participate during class time)

·  Work at your own pace

·  Follows course pacing (work is due on the same class deadlines)

·  Teacher provides monitoring, grading, feedback

·  Teacher provides instruction, grading, feedback

·  No attendance taken

·  Attendance is taken

·  Ideal for students who share devices at home, need flexible scheduling, or work well


·  Ideal for students who have their own device and are consistently available during school


·  Can participate in athletics and activities

·  Can participate in athletics and activities


Which classes will be offered online through Accelerate?

Click this link to access the complete list of Accelerate courses offered through Pine Creek. If you would like to read individual course descriptions, click this link.


How do I know what classes are offered synchronously?

Please reference this list of courses. Pine Creek courses are listed by department. For each course, we indicate the comparable Accelerate course, as well as whether the course will be offered synchronously or hybrid-only.

Is there a fee for Accelerate?

No. Accelerate is free to students who choose this option this year.


A class in my schedule is not offered through Accelerate, what should I do?

If Accelerate does not have a course currently in your schedule, and if you are able to meet the requirements of synchronous learning, you may take the course remotely through Pine Creek. If you cannot meet the requirements, talk to your grade-level counselor.

Can I take Honors and AP courses through Accelerate?

Many Honors and AP courses are available through Accelerate. These courses have their own curriculum that is appropriately rigorous and comparable to courses offered at Pine Creek. Please read course descriptions for more information.


Synchronous learners will participate in their Honors and AP courses as normal. All honors students will still complete the Honors Project.

What will my Accelerate courses look like on my transcript?

Accelerate courses have been aligned to State Standards and district curriculum and will be taught by Pine Creek teachers, so they will appear on your transcript under their usual course names.

If I choose Accelerate for first semester and come back to Pine Creek for second, will I be in the right place in my year-long classes?

Despite our best efforts to align courses, some courses do not have exactly the same pacing or order. If you are considering switching from Accelerate at semester, we recommend you talk to your instructor toward the end of first semester to better understand if there are gaps or overlaps in the curriculum.


If I choose Accelerate for online learning, am I still a Pine Creek student?

Yes, you are still an Eagle! You can participate in athletics and activities, and schedule virtual meetings with your counselor or College & Career Counselor. Choice students retain their status as Pine Creek students.


If I choose online learning, can I still participate in sports and activities?

Yes, students who choose Accelerate or Synchronous Learning may participate in athletics and activities. All club and honor society meetings will be virtual this fall, which will allow for broader participation.

I read that Accelerate and Synchronous students can participate in clubs and activities. How do I know when and where club meetings will take place?

All club meetings will be virtual for first semester. The Clubs & Activities page will link you to club advisors and information about meetings. The information on that page will be updated by September 1.

Are online learners still eligible for honor societies and academic awards?

Yes, regardless of learning format, all students remain Pine Creek students. GPA, rank, and eligibility for participation for honor societies follow the same requirements that they always have.